Search is Down!

Posted on February 14th 2019 by Paul

Sorry for the hassle, but after a server upgrade the search is now non-functional. Give me afew days to iron it out.
EDIT: Search is back working!

October 2017 Update

Posted on October 28th 2017 by Paul

I’m currently working on a few updates to the site, including a lot of the full-size artwork files in their original formats (mostly Photoshop PSD’s). In the process I’ve also broken the search. Please give me a few days to iron out a few of these wrinkles; things should be back to normal shortly.
Thank you!

Greetings, Starfighter

Posted on February 4th 2013 by Paul

This site is a re-hash of the website that has been around since 2007.
A recent technical hiccup has meant that I’ve had to pull down the old site and go with this ‘Work In Progress’ version for now.
Please pardon any glitches that you might experience. If you come across anything really really bad, or have any questions please email me at

Random Art


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