Hexoskin Smart Shirts – Cardiac, Respiratory, Sleep & Activity Metrics

Hexoskin gives you insights into your Health Status, sleep, and personal daily activities. The Hexoskin Smart Shirts and Connected Health Platform are also used in Cardiac, Respiratory, Activity, Stress, Cognitive and Sleep research and projects. For more information, visit our News and Health Research pages.

Heart Rate

Monitor your heartbeats and view your ECG in real-time with great precision.

Heart Rate Variability

HRV is an essential tool to measure stress, load & training fatigue to prevent overtraining or injuries.

Breathing Rate

Learn to control your breathing, increase your performance and reduce stress.

Breathing Volume

Learn what your lung ventilation is for each of your activities. Understand how your breathing is related to your sleep cycles.

Activity (steps, cadence & calories)

Your intensity level, steps, and pace are recorded on your dashboard and visible IN REAL TIME on your device.


Hexoskin is an advanced & validated sleep tracking device: measure your resting heart rate, breathing, and sleep positions.


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